New Orleans Water Meter

New Orleans Water Meter

New Orleans Water Meter – WebNola Portfolio Case Study Case Study
Company Information

New Orleans Water Meter is an informational site which is devoted to collecting and displaying information about the NOLA Water Meter cover. WebNola created all aspects of the site, from the cool water meter cover animation, to the simplistic design which features the elements from the New Orleans Water Meter. Currently, the site serves as a foundation for people to learn about this nearly-extinct piece of New Orleans history.

Challenges & Solutions

Because this site only currently consists of one page, the main challenge faced on this site was finding a fun way to animate the water meter cover image. Many different ideas were tried, but the one I liked the best was the one you can see on the site right now. Right now, it has a rotation of animations which highlight various graphical elements of the cover, and really makes the New Orleans Water Meter cover “come alive”. Take a look at the page to experience the animation for yourself!

Overview and Conclusion gains an increase in traffic every month and serves as the #1 resource for information on this beautiful work of art. New site featured are planned for the coming months, too!


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  1. Are the water meter necklaces authentic?

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