To do list + Project Management SUPER COMPARISON! (VIDEO)


Here’s a video I did to help you compare all of the to-do lists and project management solutions out there.

Hello, this is Jeff of Webnola. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about to do lists and my quests to find the perfect one, or the perfect one for me. This is a quest that’s been going on for probably more than five years trying to find the perfect one so I figured I’d save you guys a lot of time maybe (hopefully) and tell you which one I ended up on and I’ll take you through all my thought processes along the way.

In this comparison we compare ToodleDo, ToDoist, Remember the Milk, Wunderlist,, GQueues, Pocket Lists, Carrot, 2do, Asana, Wrike, Podio and Wedoist. What you’re seeing here is a Google Drive Spreadsheet which I used to compare all the different features and you’ll see they’re separated into two different categories, to do and project management. To do being something that’s more along the lines of day to day recurring tasks like something you might have to do once a week, once every weekday. Project management is a little bit more involved like sub-tasks and assigning people projects, stuff where you’re going to be collaborating with people a lot, alright?

So we’ll just, we’ll start at the top. One of my biggest needs was Android, pretty much all of these are kind of important with the exception of iOS app because I don’t really use iOS anymore. So Android is really important. I needed something that had a web browser interface, recurring tasks are key but then you want to drill down a little bit further. Recurring by number of days and recurring by days of the week like if you wanted to have something that just recurred on days like Tuesday and Wednesday for example. Pretty good. Advanced recurring is important. Something like, I’d probably consider advanced recurring to be something like the last Friday of every month or something like that. Daily moment to go through tasks quickly. That’s something that just one of them did that I thought was cool enough to be able to list here. Google Calendar integration is nice. You want to be able to sign tasks, comment on tasks from both the assignor or the assignee. Assign subtasks, comment on subtasks. Obviously subtasks are little mini tasks, a collection of them which live inside tasks. The ability to share files, also on subtasks, assign priority levels. Quick add very easily when you’re on the go maybe, on a phone, or just want to add something quick it’s not a big deal. Reminders and notifications, set due time. So some of them require you to put a date but they don’t let you put a time.

And then mobile notifications. Sometimes you think that’d be standard but it’s not. And then custom notification times. Sometimes you have to have your notifications happen for the time of the task which doesn’t always make sense.

Alright, so starting at the top. ToodleDo is a really, pretty good solution. The cost is $30 a year, or $15 a year, plus $15 a year for a collaborator, but you don’t have to pay that, you pay that to get some additional features. The cost is so low I didn’t even put the word pay for the different features. As we go through we’ll see what those features were. So it had the Android app, it had the web browser interface, recurring task, it had everything we wanted and it had really nice advanced recurring, probably the best out of all of them. So that was nice. It didn’t have the daily moment to go through the task quickly. One big problem that I didn’t like was the ability to comment on tasks. Really when you’r collaborating with someone it’s great to just be able to bring up a task and discuss it right there on the task itself but you couldn’t really do that and you couldn’t really leave the comments on subtasks either. So, comments was a big issue and the quick add was another point of issue for me because, well, because, what was I going to say? Sorry about that. Oh yeah, it’s not that quick to add it’s kind of a pain in the butt to add a new task. So all in all, ToodleDo is a pretty damn good option and it’s affordable. Obviously the more collaborators you add it can start adding up really quickly but just for a few people it’s not going to be that much.

ToDoist I liked a whole lot. $29 for the whole year. Had the Android app, had a lot of stuff that I liked. The advanced recurring, it does offer a pretty good advanced recurring. Not quite as good as ToodleDo but good enough for me to give it a green. One problem I should mention with the advanced recurring on ToDoist is the fact that you have to use their unforgiving language in order to set. So you just kind of have to, there’s a learning curve that comes along with it. It might take you an hour to get all those down. It doesn’t have the daily moment to go through a task quickly but it does send you once a day a, kind of like a run down of everything you’re got coming up. So really maybe that should be yellow. I’ll change it now. So the next one is, everything look good? Everything look good. So you want to share files on regular tasks and subtasks you’re going to have to pay the $29 a year. So that’s one of the things you’re getting. You also don’t get reminders and notifications unless you have the paid subscription which a lot of people offer for free. So if you really want something for free maybe it’s not the best solution for you. You can set the due time and then mobile notification once again you have to pay for. All in all, great solution.

Remember the Milk, everything was looking good. It had advanced recurring, it didn’t have daily moments to go to tasks quickly. Only barely anyone had that. Google Calendar integration, uh oh, I’m starting to get a little point of issue here, they only let you do it with Google Gadgets. So you can’t really synchronize between your Google Calendar. So if you’re a Google Calendar user you might want to stay away from this one. However, it does a lot of other things pretty good. It’s not really elegant in the way you can assign subtasks to other people but if you’re not assigning subtasks then not a big deal. If you want to share files it’s not too great. If you want to share files on subtasks it’s not too great. And then if you pay, it doesn’t have quick add, it’s kind of a pain. It doesn’t, I don’t know, maybe I forgot to put that green. I would think that’s green. If you pay the $25 per year you get access to the notifications. So another one of the few that made you pay for notifications. If you’re trying to keep it free and notifications are important then you might want to stay away from this one. Overall one of my favorite solutions that I tested.

So Wunderlist. This one is $50 a year per user. It probably had an iOS app. I should mark this green. I would say it definitely did. In fact, kind of ignore this column. Most of these probably do have an iOS app, but since I wasn’t really that interested in iOS I probably ignored this column so my apologies for that. So it had everything that I wanted, I actually used this for a period of six to nine months. I got pretty familiar with it. This is what I used, I replaced ToodleDo with this because I used ToodleDo for probably a period of two years and then I went to Wunderlist after that. Alright, so it had everything, everything is looking good but then one of the biggest, most annoying things is that you couldn’t set up recurring by days of the week. So, if you have something that happens on just Fridays or Tuesdays and Thursdays, something like that you couldn’t really do it. Your options were like daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or every so many days or something like that. So that means if you just wanted something to happen on Tuesday or Thursday you’d have to set two tasks. One for Tuesdays and one for Thursdays which is just a nightmare. It’s not that big a deal I guess but it was annoying enough to me to switch. Of course it wasn’t that, it was the lack of advanced recurring features. So if you wanted to do the last Thursday of the month or something like that, just impossible. Really limited with the recurring so it was just kind of a pain. Didn’t have the daily moment to go through tasks quickly. No Google Calendar integration. They make you pay $50 a year which is pretty high compared to the other ones to assign tasks to other people. Sorry about that, I had a phone call I had to take, but alright, so if you want to assign tasks to other people you have to pay. There’s not commenting on tasks. I’ll make that red. If you want to assign subtasks, it’s also you have to pay. There’s no comments there either, for the subtasks. If you want to share files you can do it but you have to pay, but what’s the point if you can’t comment? And, priority levels really kind of limited. You can either star something or not star it. It was really convenient to quick add stuff. Reminders and notifications were good and free. If you wanted to set a due time you couldn’t do it, so that was annoying. So ultimately I went away from Wunderlist, but it is a pretty good free option, probably the one I’d recommend to somebody just getting started.

And the next one was which looked really promising, really beautiful, really nice. Had the Android app but one of the biggest annoyances here was the only way you could use this on your browser, on your desktop or laptop browser was with a plugin which was very limited functionality. I don’t remember what the big problem with it was but I think it was along the lines of you couldn’t add a new task from there you had to do it from your phone. When I’m in the zone on a PC I don’t want to quickly, I don’t want to pull out my phone and do it. I just want to do it on a browser, so that’s something they definitely need to fix. Then you couldn’t do recurring by the number of days. You could do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly but you couldn’t do every so many says which should definitely be there. Maybe by the time I’m posting this video they may have already added it. I don’t know if I suggested it to them but I would imagine a lot of people are complaining about that. You couldn’t do recurring by days of the week. You couldn’t do advanced recurring. Like they had a really cool feature of a daily moment to go through your tasks quickly. they called it the moment, it would pop up on your phone and be like, hey, and it was really nice and it would bump you through all your tasks and you could do now, do today, you know, save for later stuff like that. The priority levels were a little bit minimal. All the stuff that is in white I probably didn’t look too deep into because I was so turned off by the fact that you couldn’t do it on your browser that I didn’t want to look into it anymore. So, I went against them and didn’t really use them.

So GQueues is the next one. It looked pretty cool, but once again we come to the problem where you couldn’t do recurring by days of the week, you can’t do advanced recurring, no daily moment. Kind of a deal breaker at this point so I just kind of flipped through them. I was looking for the holy grail here so I just kind of went past them.

Pocket Lists didn’t have the Android app, deal breaker for me. Might want to look into it, but deal breaker for me.

Carrot, same thing, no Android app, I mean that’s an absolute must have.

2do, Android app, again a one time price of $6.99. The web browser interface was through ToodleDo. Why would I ever use that when I could just use ToodleDo by itself? So that was just kind of weird for me. I just kind of pushed through them.

So our project management section now. First I tried, what’d I try. It’s not even on this list, but first I tried Podio, actually there it is, Podio. First I tried Podio which is free up to five people and then $9 per month per person. Had the Android app, web browser interface, everything looked good. Didn’t have the advanced recurring. We really want that especially if we’re going to have something that handles both project management and to do. No daily moment, can’t really assign subtasks, at least not very easily. Comments on subtasks, share files on subtasks, can’t do that either. Priority levels, you’d have to set up a custom tagging system which didn’t seem super user friendly. The quick add wasn’t that quick so went away from there. I used them, I used them for probably six months to a year.

Then I moved on to, I tried Wedoist, but they didn’t have the Android app, deal breaker.

After that I went on to Wrike which is free up to five member then $50 a month, kind of high. Android app was terrible. I say crappy here but at least they had an Android app. Maybe it’s a lot better since when I tried it which is four or five, six months ago, but I didm not enjoy their Android app whatsoever. Didn’t have the daily moment, not that big of a deal. Assigning subtasks was a little weird, but it was doable in a weird, non-elegant way. No way to quick add elegantly, but no way to set a due time which is kind of a deal breaker when you’re setting up reminders, you know, it would only do like 15 minutes ahead of the time that you set something to be due, something like that. So it was, it was real limited in that respect.

And then I went on to Asana. Free up to 15 members then $50 a month. Everything’s looking good, then once again we have a problem with advanced recurring. People got to get that going. No daily moment, not that big of a deal. Priority levels, you have to set up a custom tag, don’t want that. I want just nice, pre-existing priority levels that are separate from tags. Quick add, not that elegant. Set due time, not possible once again. Custom notification times were not optimal. It was probably a big pain in the butt to get them to work.

Alright, so, using all of these boxes as a guide, which one do you think I picked? It’s the one with the most green. So, ultimately right now I’m going with ToDoist which is $29 a year, the only problem which was pretty minor was the fact that the daily moments to go through tasks quickly didn’t exist. But you still get that little 9AM, I have it set to 9AM, little reminder of everything you have going on that day which is pretty nice. And then the fact that you pay, it’s pretty low for the year, $30 for the whole year equates to what? $3-$4 a month something like that, whatever. All in all it’s my favorite. It’s the one I recommend if you don’t mind paying. If you want something that’s free I would go with Wunderlist, probably, or I’d probably go with ToodleDo because that’s the one I started with and it allows you to do a lot for free. So that’s probably what I would go with but if you’re looking to pay a couple of bucks I think ToDoist is a substantial improvement.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say and if you want more tips like this and videos, go to, sign up for our e-mail newsletter. Webnola is a web marketing company so we can help you market your business online whether by building a new website or helping you out with social media, search engine optimization, graphic design, stuff like that. So that’s pretty much it and I’d like to start doing these videos once a week if I can keep it going I’ll set a day and that will be the day to put these new videos out. If you have any thoughts, love to see your comments. Please like and subscribe and have a wonderful day. Bye bye.


  1. So Todoist on the web is fantastic indeed, but aren’t you frustrated with how different the mobile versions are?
    Formatting is different (there goes using **bold** and other tricks the website supports and the mobile doesn’t), as well as indenting items (terrible outline operation)…
    Todoist has such a huge potential, but its inconsistency is frustrating…:(

  2. You’re right, it is somewhat difficult to use on mobile but it’s the best I’ve found overall.

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